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How To Join a Union in Ontario

The first step is to call or email our organizer Trish Qualtrough at or 416-703-8515 ext. 233.  We can unionize your workplace quickly, discreetly and effectively.  In Ontario, you have the right to join a union and that right is protected.  You cannot be disciplined, terminated or retaliated against for joining a union.  Your conversation with our organizer is kept completely confidential.

Unionize your Workplace in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Majority of Workers sign cards in favour of joining COPE Ontario – our organizers will assist you in getting your co-workers to sign union cards and informing them of the benefits of joining a union in Ontario and what unionization can provide.  Your employer never sees who signs union cards, they are only provided with the percentage of workers that signed cards.

2. After the majority of workers sign union cards in favour of joining COPE Ontario.  Our organizer files an application with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

3. A vote is organized by the Ontario Labour Relations Board 5 days later.  Once the majority of workers vote in favour of joining COPE, you are certified as union.


COPE Ontario will provide you with an experienced staff representative who will help negotiate your first collective agreement with your elected workplace representatives.  A union contract sets out the wages, benefits, working conditions, job security and your rights in the workplace in writing.  Your employer is legally bound by the terms of this collective agreement.

Fill out this form to see how we can make your workplace better. All information is kept confidential:

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All workers in Ontario have a right to join a union. That right is protected under both federal and provincial labour law, the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Canada’s Constitution.

Under the Ontario Labour Relations Act you also have the right to propose that your fellow workers become members of a trade union and to participate in forming a union.

The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union considers these rights fundamental in a democracy and will fight to protect them.

COPE Ontario can help you and your fellow workers get fair wages, benefits and job protection, and help eliminate discrimination, harassment or intimidation in the workplace.

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